Inventory and stock handling is the foundation of many operations; businesses can only run as fast as the warehouse can keep up. Accordingly, a clean, well organized warehouse enables any business to fire on all cylinders. Our New York City and New Jersey warehouse cleaning services are offered with this fact in mind; we strive to assist all of our clients in running their warehouses efficiently by providing outstanding commercial cleaning services.

The man in the repairman is holding a mop in a white suit, cleaning the protective clothing of the new epoxy floor in an empty warehouse or car service center.

General Janitorial Service (for Warehouses)

RoomTurn’s general warehouse janitorial services help ensure that your facility is always clean and presentable with dusting of all surfaces, sweeping and mopping of hard floors, HEPA vacuuming, emptying of trash bins, cleaning and sanitization of restrooms, and other general cleaning services.

Floors (Buffing & Polishing)

Floor buffing, burnishing and polishing requires a great deal of experience and training. Different types of floors require different methods and RoomTurn’s  technicians know how to get the job done. From VCT flooring to hardwood and stone, we have the equipment and experience to bring your floors back to a brand new shine.

Restroom Cleaning & Sanitizing

Warehouse restrooms are another high traffic area that requires constant attention. Our warehouse cleaning crews and porters/matrons will keep your restrooms clean and sanitary. We will restock all the necessities like toilet paper, c-fold or paper towels, hand soap and deodorizers.

High Surface Dusting

The accumulation of dust on high surface areas can be problematic for warehouses, industrial plants, and manufacturing facilities. Dust can adversely affect indoor air quality, damage expensive equipment, impact product integrity, and even pose a fire hazard. CCM can help to mitigate high surface dust in your facility.

Changing your perception

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