Hotel Cleaning

Hotels are seen as a home away from home, and hiring a cleaning service is essential to keep customers coming back. Cleanliness, safety, and security are the most important details that hotel owners must focus on, and when it comes to the former, hotel guests usually expect their rooms to be just as clean and well-kept as their own homes. That’s where we come in. RoomTurn offers everyday housekeeping of rooms as well as advanced services like power-washing of tile and grout.

There are countless hotels and each one is looking to attract repeat clientele. In order to do so, cleanliness is of paramount importance. Otherwise, guests will leave feeling disappointed which can result in negative reviews. Fortunately, our commercial cleaning services can help make your home away from home a place that people will return to and share the news with family and friends!

Housekeeping Cleaning NJ and NYC

Standard Housekeeping Plan

The Standard hotel cleaning plan includes several thorough cleaning tasks. Our trained staff will remove trash and change garbage bags. They will also make beds, clean floors, vacuum carpets, and do basic dusting. When guests are present in a room, RoomTurn will make sure that the restrooms are clean and keep toiletries stocked and available for their convenience.

Deep Cleaning Package

The deep cleaning package includes all of the benefits of the basic package and quite a bit extra. Not only will we make the beds, but after a guest checks out, we will change the sheets. We will also thoroughly disinfect the bathroom in addition to doing our standard cleaning, scrubbing, and restocking of supplies.

Cleaning sink and faucet with antibacterial detergent, coronavirus prevention
Carpet Cleaning NJ and NYC

Janitorial Services

If your current hotel-cleaning company hasn’t done a good enough job, there is a chance that the rooms of your facility are plagued with mold or mildew. These substances are unhealthy for people’s respiratory systems. There is also a chance that there are stains on walls or appliances of the rooms or communal areas. But never fear: We can fix all of those problems. RoomTurn’s commercial janitorial services will also rid the facility of food stains.

Changing your perception

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