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RoomTurn’s Daycare Cleaning Services will rid your facility of 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in your property. In today’s current climate, with issues like COVID-19 and Influenza amongst many other viruses, it is important as ever that your facility is properly sanitized. When you book with Roomturn, our staff will take care of all the sanitizing needs by using our industrial grade chemicals and professional techniques.

The teacher wipes down tables in the classroom before students return to school after the coronovirus pandemic. Covid-19

The Importance of Daycare Cleaning

Daycare facilities have a major need for reliable janitorial services. When your children get dropped off at a daycare, the last thing you want is for them to spend the day in a facility that isn’t sanitary. A poorly maintained daycare can be a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria that can affect the health of children and their parents. It is known that young children are at a greater risk of exposure to toxins and germs than their adult counterparts. Common cold and the flu are just a few of the illnesses that run rampant in daycare facilities. It is estimated that children in daycare and school settings will have as many as 8 to 12 colds each year. In addition, one of the most likely groups to get hepatitis A are children and workers in daycare centers. With this in mind, operations managers at daycare facilities must do all they can to maintain a safe and clean environment. Cleaning services for daycare facilities can be an answer for facility managers looking to ensure a healthy, clean and safe environment.

Why Use RoomTurn For Your Daycare Facility?


Cleaning can be strenuous, time consuming and difficult. That’s why professional cleaning services may be your best option for cleaning your child care facility. Professional cleaners know what it takes to properly clean, sanitize and disinfect facilities, providing the children a safe space in your daycare. At RoomTurn, we have a plethora of professionals with years of experience.

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