Home Cleaning

We're open to your needs

We live in the same big city you do and we know that sometimes our needs change without notice. We understand that sometimes your plans don't come together and other times plans are formed out of nothing, so we're always ready to talk. 

Regular or Once-off.

Whether you have a need for a deep once-off clean, or you are looking for a regular commitment to your home, we are happy to accommodate. You can decide how often we come and what we do when we get there.

Talk with real people.

All of our valued clients have a direct line of contact. Let us know, how we can help each visit. Life can get complicated, take a load off. Simply contact your area manager and we will take care of the details what ever they may be.

Complete flexibility.

Choose a schedule that works for you. Then when it comes time to get away or for any schedule changes, we are here to help, simply contact your area manager and we will take care of the rest. There are no penalties at all to reschedule, pause your account or cancel anytime.

Culture is King.

We believe in people. Creating & cultivating culture is our quest. Like a family, we strive together for constant & never ending improvement. History has proved this to be the only way to create quality service & customer experience.

Quality & Service.

All of our team members started as cleaners and worked their way through our rigorous training program. Our supervisor are on the road all day ensuring our high standards of quality, and we love feedback and communication.


Positive attitudes

Pleasurable interactions…



Cleaning is what we're known for and it's what we do best. Our professionally trained staff will arrive at your home at the agreed time and will happily discuss with you any details or specifics that you would like. We take the time to get to know you and your surroundings to ensure that the clean you get is one correctly the first time, every time. We bring all our own materials and leave nothing behind.


We will tidy, vacuum, dust, clean, and polish all of your bedrooms so that your private quarters are up to your high standard.  We make beds and change linen as required and can have the room ready for you to simply sleep. 


Cleaning bathrooms is our job, not yours. Not only do we mop and clean all surfaces, we also scrub grout & tiles to ensure that your bathroom is spotless every time. We also take care of vanities, tubs, showers, and toilet cleaning for your peace of mind.

Communal Areas.

The higher traffic areas of your home need more attention so we pay specific attention to those that need it. We will dust, mop, vacuum, and spot clean all visible (and invisible) areas to ensure that you, your family, and your guests are all impressed. Under the sofa, behind the cushions, and beneath the armoire. 


Your kitchen counters, floors, cabinets, and appliance exteriors are all worked hard throughout the working day. We make sure that they are returned to their immaculate originals with focused attention to detail to ensure cleanliness and health. We even take care of the back-splash from your recent cooking adventures and moving all indoor trash to your outdoor cans and the replacement of bags and containers as required.