Commercial Cleaning

RoomTurnCommercial Cleaning

A commercial building or facility needs to be clean at all times. Larger buildings like schools, hospitals, and outlet stores containing dental offices, gyms, hair salons, law offices, and other stores, are constantly visited by people. Which means that they must maintain an impeccable level of cleanliness to keep the spaces germ free and looking fresh. If you live in Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, or Queens, or anywhere else in the New York City Area, and are looking for commercial office cleaning services, you have come to the right place.

Here at RoomTurn Commercial cleaning is our specialty. Every one of our cleaners in NYC is experienced at commercial cleaning and office cleaning at all levels, ensuring that your offices will be thoroughly cleaned to your satisfaction every time. we understand that cleaning a commercial building not only creates a safe and healthy environment for your employees, but it also offers your customers a sense of comfort when they utilize your services.

Complete Commercial Cleaning For Every Situation

Whether you want weekly, light cleaning in New York City, one-time cleaning after an extensive restoration, or specialized medical cleaning, RoomTurn can customize a cleaning package to meet your needs.

Commercial Cleaning for Any Business Size 

Whether you have a small office with just a few employees, or you are looking for commercial cleaning for an entire office building, our NYC cleaners will work with you to design an office cleaning schedule that fits your unique needs.


Benefits of a Commercial Cleaning

Of the many places in the United States that could benefit from commercial cleaning services, NYC is high on that list. With growing industries and an economy that is constantly changing, companies can’t afford to worry about the cleanliness of their facility. When it comes to commercial cleaning, New York businesses have many options. However, no service offers quality results as high as RoomTurn.

How Do We Clean?

RoomTurn commercial cleaning service misses no corner. Our trained staff of professionals is thorough regarding even the simplest of tasks such as emptying trash receptacles and replacing garbage bags. They never forget to vacuum carpeting or mop floors and they will make a break room or teacher’s lounge a fresh-scented place for lunchtime bonding. They also clean glass windows and porcelain restroom fixtures until they are spotless and sparkling. They even dust the oft-forgotten window blinds to promote the flow of fresh air into every room. Additionally, RoomTurn specializes in the nitty gritty work including cleaning and dusting air vents.